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Grain Gauge
Grain Gauge
Grain Gauge

Grain Gauge

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Grain Gauges allow a farmer to know how full his bin is without climbing the ladder to look in.  When filling the bins at harvest or filling feed bins for livestock, the farmer must climb the bin ladder to see how full the bin is to prevent overflowing the grain.    The indicators are mounted to the bin wall and are pressure activated so when grain comes in contact with them, the color outside the bin changes to alert the farmer. Aging farmers or those suffering from pain in their shoulders, knees or hips will benefit from climbing the bin ladders less. Typically, the worker places a Grain Gauge near the bottom of the bin to know when it is nearly empty, near the top to know when it is nearly full, and at the very top to know when it is completely full.

Additional Information:

Grain Gauge Level Monitor is a proven and cost effective method to accurately monitor the levels of material in your bin. As the material in your bin reaches the Grain Gauge Level device, it pushes against the activator, turning the color from black to green - even glowing in the dark at night for clear visibility. When the material unloads, it will return to black.

You can install multiple Level Monitor devices along the bin wall at key levels. Simply let the gauge do the work for you - no more climbing and risking your safety.

  • Easy installation
  • Clear visibility - glows-in-the-dark 
  • Two times larger than other brands
  • No electricity required
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective

 Fits on any grain bin and glows in the dark