Deckmate Semi Trailer Ladder
Deckmate Semi Trailer Ladder
Deckmate Semi Trailer Ladder
Deckmate Semi Trailer Ladder

Deckmate Semi Trailer Ladder

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The Deckmate Semi Trailer Ladder helps workers access the cargo area of the truck without taking such large steps or “jumping”. The cargo bed of a truck is 36” or higher. To reach something stored in the truck, the worker must climb or jump which may be impossible for someone with a disability. The Deckmate Ladder folds up out of the way when using the truck, then folds down to make a convenient ladder and grab bar when needed. A worker with slipped discs would find relief using the Deckmate Semi Trailer ladder instead of promoting back pain by climbing up onto the cargo bed.

The Deckmate Ladder was designed with your safety in mind. Many drivers have been frustrated with regular ladders blowing over in the wind. Not the Deckmate Ladder!! You can easily hook it onto the rub rails and it will not slide or tip. It is Portable and light weight. A bolt on bracket is recommended for vans, straight trucks and trailers without rub rails. The bracket sits 2.5 inches away from the trailer and will not affect doors or loading docks.

“Designed by a professional driver to make your work safer”.  Safety is always a primary consideration with every driver that is why the DECKMATE LADDER was designed by a professional truck driver with your safety in mind. Deckmate Ladder Is here to help Drivers from disabling injuries to knees & spinal column caused by climbing on or off trailers and vans.

Weighing only 20 lbs and having a 400 lb capacity, the Deckmate Ladder hangs at a convenient working angle and hooks onto the rub rails for easier access getting on & off equipment. The DECKMATE LADDER won’t slide or tip. A bolt on bracket (sold separately) is available for vans, refers & flatbeds without rub rails. Deckmate Ladder is a great ladder to have.  Let’s face it no one likes to be off work for weeks with an injury.

  • Made of Steel.
  • Weighs only 20 pounds.
  • 18 inches wide, extends to 53 inches and folds to 33 inches.
  • Powder coated.
  • Nonskid steps.
  • 400 pound capacity.
  • Hangs at a convenient working angle.
  • Non-pinch hinge design.
  • Has a support bar with built in storage pocket.