Foot Operated Workstation
Foot Operated Workstation
Foot Operated Workstation
Foot Operated Workstation
Foot Operated Workstation

Foot Operated Workstation

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The Welding Station provides an infinitely adjustable C-clamp above the foot-operated clamp so that a fabricator or welder with one functional arm can securely position two parts while fastening them together.  This is an ATTACHMENT to the foot operated workstation (sold SEPARATELY). The foot operated workstation allows a worker with arm amputation or impairment to use his foot to clamp items on a work platform.  

Metal workers and fabricators usually use one arm to hold parts in position and another to hold a tool, grinder or welder. To position these parts when fabricating metal assemblies, it would require several clamps and careful positioning with two hands. With one arm injured or disabled, a worker needs to position the parts first in a secure, easily adjustable arrangement, then use the tool. This welding station is used in such situations, because parts can be adjusted and secured with one arm.

Product Details

  • The Jawhorse™ Welding Station is designed to work with the Jawhorse Work Station (Item# GP253800; sold separately) or Jawhorse Sheetmaster (Item# GP23049; sold separately) as a second pair of hands to hold items while welding.
  • Fully adjustable holding arms position the workpiece at any angle.
  • Cast aluminum jaws allow for maximum conductivity.
  • Extra-deep V-grooves hold pipe securely, and front and rear ground lead bosses insure perfect, no-fuss connection.

Key Specs

  • Material Cast aluminum
  • Length (in.) 20 Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 20 x 7 x 5
  • Pieces (qty.) 6

What's Included

 •(2) Aluminum jaws •(1) Vertical support •(1) Horizontal support •(1) Articulating C-clamp •(1) Splatter shield