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Power Planter

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Gardeners struggling with arthritis, hand, arm or shoulder disabilities use the Power Planter soil auger on a power drill to dig holes to plant anything from trees to flowers to bulbs. Digging deeply into firm soil with a garden trowel to plant bulbs requires strong hands and arms, especially when planting large quantities of plants.  The Power Planter auger in an electric or cordless drill spins rapidly and digs up the soil. Less grip strength is needed to hold the drill than to dig with a trowel. The Power Planter also has a variety of other uses - from tilling small planter boxes to mixing paint.

General Information:

  • Overall Diameter:  3"
  • Shaft Diameter:  5/8"
  • chuck size:  3/8" round 
  • Overall Length 7"
  • Power Drill Not Included

Excellent for digging holes and planting small trees.

  • This is a line of augers designed for the homeowner as well as the professional landscaper for use with portable gas, electric, or battery operated drills.
  • Also used by farmers for mixing seed treatment in planter boxes.
  • Drills holes in most types of soil.
  • Leaves a small amount of loose soil in bottom of hole.
  • The dirt removed is left around edge of hole in loose, easy-to-pack condition.
  • Can increase planting speed up to 500%.
  • Less death loss.
  • Better soil-to-root contact.


All Power Planter products include an unconditional warranty on materials and workmanship, Normal Wear Excluded.